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Ultra Electronics, EMS is a world-class, AS9100 rev C/ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of defense electronic systems and products. Since our founding in 1972, EMS has been a supplying the US government and allied nations equipment, services and expertise in the field of magnetic and electric field countermeasures for naval mine warfare, sensor design and power conversion. EMS has provided hundreds of magnetic silencing systems for the US government, as well as for many of our allies. Shipboard degaussing systems are specified for naval combat and support vessels and are a strategic part of a ship's defense architecture. With hundreds of qualified systems in the field based on proven design techniques and topologies, EMS can call upon this vast reference base to meet your specific design requirements.

Ultra Electronics, EMS has a diverse range of other product offerings: Specialty magnetic components: transformers, inductors, Transformer Rectifier Units (TRU), EMI filters - variable speed drives, bi-polar switching current amplifiers, power supplies, frequency converters, 270VDC and 400Hz aircraft ground support converters and Battery Monitoring Systems (BMS) and vehicle power management products for military platforms.

Ultra Electronics is a group of specialist businesses designing, manufacturing and supporting electromechanical systems, sub-systems, products and components for defence, security, aerospace and transport applications worldwide.

Latest News:

August 17, 2012

Ultra Electronics, EMS is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of the power conversion business operated by RFI Corporation (“RFI”). RFI was a wholly-owned subsidiary of DGT Holdings Corp.

RFI is an established manufacturer of proprietary, high-voltage, power conversion subsystems including electronic filters, high voltage capacitors, pulse modulators, transformers and reactors, and a variety of other products designed for industrial, medical, military and other commercial applications ( The business is located on Long Island, New York, USA, close to the EMS facility. RFI will be integrated into the EMS business during the remainder of 2012.

The official Ultra Electronics press release can be found here.